Integrated Biomass Platform Residue Management System

A platform to convert farm waste into energy and valuable biochar.

Ag Energy
Spokane, WA
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The engineering company Ag Energy Solutions designed the Integrated Biomass Platform (IBP), a residue management system that converts farm waste into renewable energy and valuable biochar. It delivers a unique, safe, practical solution that significantly reduces the high-demand for fertilizer, fuel and energy. The IBP fits into a 20′ shipping container and comes with optional input/output modules.

The IBP uses gasification and generator technologies with modern automated control systems. ControlFreek was very privileged in the building and installation of the IBP electrical control systems.

The IBP residue management system was designed for flexibility and is contained in a rugged, transportable shipping container. The mobility allows a farmer to move the system to the material source with ease. It also provides a sturdy foundation once on site and eliminates the need for a permanent structure.

The input module is determined by the type of biomass that is being used while the output module is determined by economics. Farmers may opt to add a Renewable Electricity System (RES) which safely converts biomass generated syngas into electricity. Place the IBP next to high-power irrigation pumps and field residue can generate power to keep the water flowing all season long. Have too much power? The system comes with equipment to tie it into the power grid. Farmers can sell the excess power back to the grid or just power the homestead.