TransCanada Pump Control Upgrades

Gas distribution control system and pump control upgrades in accordance with the EPA's Natural Gas Star program.

TransCanada Oil & Natural Gas
Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota
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Ongoing since 2008

ControlFreek Inc has partnered with the TransCanada Corporation since 2008.  Our main focus is with the gas distribution control system and pump control upgrades. All updates were in accordance with the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program.

About TransCanada Corporation

The TransCanada Corporation is a leading energy infrastructure company in North America with a strong focus on pipelines located throughout Canada and the Northern United States. The Northern Border Pipeline is a 1,400 mile major natural gas transportation system that links the Midwestern U.S. with reserves in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

In addition to transporting Canadian sourced supply, Northern Border Pipeline receives and transports US natural gas produced in the Williston and Powder River Basins. Synthetic natural gas produced at the Dakota Gasification plant in North Dakota is transported as well.

The northern regions of  US and Canada have some pretty harsh winters. It is critical to provide heat to tens of thousands of homes that rely on this pipeline. CFI is proud to be part of the infrastructure that provides gas heat.