UL 508A & UL 698A Electrical Control Panel Shop

CFI designs and builds UL 508A and UL 698A electrical control panels for municipal, industrial, and custom applications. We provide instrumentation and process control panels that are built to the customer’s precise requirements and standards.

Our panel fabrication shop offers unmatched quality with competitive pricing. We can fabricate a wide range of panels to meet the needs of your system. All panels are subjected to an exhaustive inspection process to guarantee superior quality, including point-to-point continuity testing, power-up testing, and PLC/HMI software testing.

UL 508A (Canada & USA)

UL-508A Certification Mark

CFI is a certified UL508A manufacturer of industrial control panels. All panels are certified for USA and Canada
USA/Canada – E314117

UL-508A is a standard for the construction of industrial control panels. Our builders have expertise in proper component selection, wiring methods and circuity calculations. We follow a customer’s construction requirements and recommendations. We guarantee panel listing and inspection.

UL 698A (USA Only)

UL-698a Certification Mark

CFI is a certified UL698A manufacturer of hazardous control panels. All panels are certified only in the USA.
USA – E316587

UL-698A is a specification for the design and fabrication of hazardous control panels. CFI has hazardous area expertise in unsafe areas of construction and installation. Hazardous areas are often contaminated with a variety of flammable vapors and CFI’s control panels are certified outside the project area.

Panel Building Services

Our shop offers build-to-print, in-house engineering, and OEM options. Our panels include the following and much more:

  • PLC control panels
  • Explosion-proof/Hazardous location control panels
  • Operator consoles
  • HMI panels
  • Softstart pump panels
  • AC/DC drives and related controls
  • Farming/irrigation pump panels
  • Machine controls
  • Telemetry controls
  • Heating/Refrigeration controls
  • Instrumentation calibration

Electrical Control System Services