New Lift Station for Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board

New lift station includes Rockwell NEMA CENTERLINE 2100 MCC & custom SCADA telemetry system

Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board
Hayden Lake, ID
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The Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board (HARSB) oversees sewer service to the residents of the City of Hayden, Hayden Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District as well as the Coeur D’Alene (Kootenai County) Airport. HARSB ensures that the sanitary sewer collection system, comprised of sewer mains, lift stations, and the waste water treatment facility are inspected, cleaned, and maintained to ensure proper and continuous operations.

Planning for the HARSB lift station rehabilitation project started as early as 2009 in response to the EPA’s Clean Water Act and obtaining 401 Certification. Some design challenges included the presence of a few lift stations which shared two force mains into to an upper-tiered lift station discharge.

Part of the project included the new Hayden Lake H-1 lift station. The station is a 700 square foot ground story building with a lower level that houses pumps and equipment. The location of the H-1 lift station warranted more design considerations due to its proximity to Hayden Lake Beach, Forest Hills and other residential neighborhoods. The final design attained a northwest alpine feel while utilizing cost effective maintenance-free building materials.

The H-1 lift station project included a United Crown Pump and Drilling design for a wet-well mounted self priming pump station that is a 18 foot deep concrete wet well, sizing and selecting the centrifugal pump system, and laying out new gravity & force main connections. Additionally, new emergency generators and a SCADA-based remote telemetry system was designed and coordinated with electrical engineering consultants, including ControlFreek Inc.

CFI chose to incorporate into the H-1 lift station the Rockwell Automation CenterLine 2100 Motor Control Center (MCC) for safety, performance and reliability. The CenterLine 2100 MCC combines rugged durability and premium quality, meeting UL and NEMA standards that integrate control and power in one space saving centralized package. The MCC has a wide variety of motor control options including soft starters and variable speed drives.

The MCC includes built-in Ethernet networking technology utilizing Rockwell’s IntelliCENTER® that enhances performance through system-wide communications, sharing of diagnostic information for predictive maintenance, and initiates warnings before potential faults occur.

CFI also built a custom SCADA-based remote telemetry system complete with motor protection, remote I/O modules, and an alert system for the main generator, basin overflow, wetwell low mark, flood switch, VFD failure, and submersible level sensors.